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Recap of Year at AhlulBayt Academy – The Awaited One Foundation

Recap of Year at AhlulBayt Academy

This year at AhlulBayt Academy was one of our most successful and innovative years to date. Our highly motivated team of educators and administrators created a conducive Islamic environment that fostered self-growth, critical thinking, and proper Akhlaaq.

Brotherhood and sisterhood were some of the most important principles that were promoted from day 1. Students were made aware of the key do’s and don’ts of brotherhood/sisterhood, and students became advocates of one another.

Proper Islamic dress code was enforced from the first day of school up until graduation. For us at AhlulBayt Academy, it is important that our students to not only learn how to be proper Muslims, but also to act and dress the part. It was essential for us to not only ask our students to maintain proper dress code, but to also teach them the wisdom behind it.

One of the ways this was done was with our hijab assembly. One of our most successful initiatives ever done by our school, a group of teachers put together a fun, socially relevant, and educational assembly that went in-depth on the female hijab. The results of this initiative were so successful that over 10 girls decided to make the life changing decision of embracing the hijab. These girls were later recognized and honored in our Sayeda Fatima Takleef Celebration. The honorees were given gifts and enjoyed an afternoon filled with educational games and food along with their sisters.

Islamic education is our specialty and our goal is for our kids to love the religion. We aimed to reach this goal by making learning the religion fun and enjoyable for our students. Our highly qualified teachers tailored lessons that encouraged our students to critically think, as well as retain information, by moving away from traditional lectures and doing more hands-on activities, discussions, and age relevant learning methods.

Another important concept successfully promoted this year at AhlulBayt Academy is that of “Love for the AhlulBayt”. Our students learned that one of the ways to express our love for the AhlulBayt is to celebrate in their times of happiness and mourn in their times of grief. The birthday’s of Prophet Muhammed (s), Fatima Al-Zahraa (a), and Imam Ali (a) were celebrated school wide. In addition, we had school wide commemorations on the deaths of Prophet Muhammed (s), Imam Hussain (a), and Fatima Al-Zahraa (a). The most unique of which was that of the commemoration of Fatimiyya. Our entire school, staff and students, placed hand/finger prints on a unique poster with personalized messages to our holy Lady of Light (a). Students also had all lessons for the day revolving around the life, teachings, and personality of Sayida Fatima (a).

Now that the year is done, work for the following year has already begun. In a never ending effort to constantly improve and progress in the challenging work of school-aged Islamic education, our team is hard at work revisiting all of areas of improvement that have been brought to our attention by staff and parents. With continued support of our community, we hope the coming years of AhlulBayt Academy will prove to be more and more successful. We thank Allah (swt) and all of those who supported our program.