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Muharram 1438/2016 Program w/ Shk. Usama AbdulGhani – The Awaited One Foundation

Muharram 1438/2016 Program w/ Shk. Usama AbdulGhani

Event details

  • Saturday | October 1, 2016 to Thursday | October 13, 2016
  • 7:15 PM
  • Great Revelations Academy 6400 Miller Road Dearborn, MI 48126
  • 3137181196

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In commemoration of the tragic event of Ashura, you are invited to attend a series of nightly lectures and majales. Our guest scholar will be Sheikh Usama Abdulghani and the majales will be recited by Br. Rami Bijayjih

Date: Starting Saturday, Oct 1st, 2016
Time: Doors open at 7:15 PM starting with Salaat
Location: Great Revelations Academy | 6400 Miller Road, Dearborn, MI 48126

The program will be broadcasted live on

Sponsored by: The Ashura Project, Awaited One Foundation, Muslim Scouts of Michigan, Al-Ajal Group, and Great Revelations Academy.

Sheikh Usama Abdulghani was born in Washington DC in 1973. He grew up in the USVI on a small Island called St. Croix. Sheikh was approximately 14 years old when his family converted to Shi’ism. After graduating from high school, he moved back to the USA and lived in Upstate New York where there was a small hawza, i.e. Islamic seminary. As a convert, this was a great opportunity for him to learn about the Shia faith.

His journey to Iran began when it was suggested by the principal of the school (Sheikh Faezi) that some of the students should go to Iran for 4 months and then return to the USA to propagate the religion. Once the group arrived in Iran it was a turning point in the lives of several of the students. It was the month of Muharram when they arrived and Sheikh Usama says, “Muharram is something else in Iran. For those brothers and sisters who have not seen it, it is something to see and feel rather than be described”.

It was then that one of Sheikhs’ teachers in Iran convinced him by his character that the hawza was the way to go if Sheikh Usama wanted to serve our beloved religion. By the grace of Allah, Sheikh Usama is now a student in post-doctorate studies in Islamic law and the methodologies of deriving laws. Sheikh has also completed his Phd equivalent in Qur’anic studies and will be writing his thesis after the summer.

Excitingly, Sheikh wrote his master’s thesis on the relationship between husband and wife according to the Qur’an and Sunnah. Sheikh Usama has given numerous lectures and facilitated seminars and camps on the topic of marital bliss and Islamic family life. Sheikh has a particular focus on developing communities and families that are focused on the preparing for the arrival of the twelfth Imam.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Sheikh Usama Abdulghani. He comes with over 15 years of lecturing experience, teaching classes and university level courses, and facilitating camps for youths and young adults around the world.